The organic meat Bio Panon comes from Serbia, from a farm in Čurug present on the organic milk market since 2013.

The cattle on our farm is fed pure organic food, has enough grazing and living space, enjoys the sun at its ownfree will, drinks water whenever it is thirsty, is never tied and lives in accordance with its natural needs.

We have ensured sufficient grazing area, while the rest of the organic plant production takes place on a 2,000 ha of fertile land in the Bačka region. We tend to the needs of our 2,000 heads of cattle and feed them exclusively the organic food we produce ourselves.

Spending time out in the open, on grazing fields and pastures, the animals feel better, their health and appetiteare higher compared to those of the animals living in confinement, which in turn adds to the quality of milk and meat.

On our organic farm we have implemented modern technology in accordance with the rules of organic production.

Principles and regulations of organic production stipulate that organic meat must be both produced and sold locally with no long-distance transport, packaged in such a way to avoid product contamination, and delivered fresh to the client in the shortest amount of time.

This is why our organic beef is delivered directly to your home, guaranteeing you a fresh, healthy product delivered in a controlled cold distribution chain.


“Organic Home Delivery” is the exclusive distributor of the organic meat produced on the “Bio Panon” farm.

Orders are placed via telephone, e-mail or online application.

The meat is always delivered fresh with an expiry date or a maximum of 10 days, while the delivery is carried out 4 times a month. The buyer receives the organic meat in an aseptic packaging, 24 hours upon the slaughter. Payment is carried out at the door, using cash or credit card, with the issuance of a receipt.

We deliver to restaurants and private homes.

Please order via: